Proyecto bactiwater
Estación depuradora de aguas residuales
Estación depuradora de aguas residuales

GOMSL (Global Omnium Medioambiente S.L. and formerly SEASA) belongs to the Global Omnium group of companies and is in charge of BACTIWATER project management as the coordinating entity .

GOMSL was founded in 1818 as “Sociedad Española de Abastecimientos S.A. (SEASA)” and became part of the Global Omnium group in 1993. The company is mainly specialized in drinking water supply, wastewater treatment and other services related to the integral water cycle including consultancy services.

Currently Global Omnium is a business group composed of 16 companies specialized in different areas related to water management. The main activities of the business group include drinking water supply, sanitation, purification, irrigation, construction and maintenance of hydraulic works.

AGUAS DE VALENCIA S.A. is the core of Global Omnium, a group of companies that focuses its activity on integral water cycle management, developing several complementary lines of business to optimize the water resources. The activities of this project partner range from the catchment, treatment and distribution of drinking water to the collection and treatment of wastewater, as well as the solid waste management.

AGUAS DE VALENCIA has a remarkable respect and commitment to the environment, energy efficiency and innovation in each of its areas of activity, being certified by AENOR for environmental management systems (ISO 14001), energy (ISO 50001) and R & D & i (UNE 166002).

BIOPOLIS, S.L. is a company founded in 2003 with headquarters located in the Valencia Science Park. It focuses on different fields of biotechnology and is a leading provider of microbial technologies with a strong food-ingredients portfolio. The core competency of BIOPOLIS is the development and commercialization of microbial strains and metabolites as well as directed microbial design, proof of concept and scale-up to pilot plants.

BIOPOLIS will be responsible during the project for the production of the bacterial mixture and inoculation in the biological process.


LIFESEQUENCING, S.L. was created by BIOPOLIS S.L. and is the first Spanish company to provide second-generation DNA sequencing technology for large-scale projects.

During the project, LIFESEQUENCING will be responsible for the sludge analysis and the development of a diagnostic kit for early detection of anomalies in the biological process.