Video of the University of València Scientific Park

The main objective of LIFE BACTIWATER is to reduce the discharge of wastewater incorrectly treated into the environment. They have shown that it is possible to detect an uncontrolled discharge in a WWTP and a bacterial inoculum has been developed capable of recovering the correct organic activity from these facilities.

This is told in the following video made by the University of València Scientific Park!


Interview in esRadioValencia

The technical coordinator of the project Ángela Baeza was interviewed yesterday in esRadioVancia by María Caballero on the program Es la mañana en Valencia (Podcast).


Download the presentations of the final conference

We want to thank the participation of the speakers during the final conference held on December 1. It was a pleasure to know your work in the field of wastewater treatment! We hope that synergies can emerge from the exchange of opinions. We would like to highlight the high participation, with 130 registered attendees and a maximum one-off attendance of 90 people from different organizations such as private companies, public administrations, students and technological institutes.

In the following table you can download the presentations of the speakers:

Dra. Gloria Fayos

Directora departamento de Aguas Residuales de Global Omnium.

Bienvenida y presentación del Departamento I+D+i de Aguas Residuales de Global Omnium (Download).
Sr. Pedro J. Simón

Director Técnico de la Entidad de Saneamiento y Depuración de la Región de Murcia (ESAMUR).

Apoyo a la investigación por parte de las Administraciones Públicas. Experiencia de ESAMUR (Download).
Dr. Feliu Sempere

Técnico I+D+i del departamento de Aguas Residuales de Global Omnium.

Life BACTIWATER – La bioaumentación para acelerar la recuperación de fangos activos ante vertidos en EDAR (Download).
Dr. Javier Santos

Profesor departamento Organización Industrial de la Universidad de Navarra.

LIFE MCUBO. Tecnologías 4.0 para una gestión del agua sostenible (Descarga).
Dr. Santiago Gómez

Técnico Senior de la Unidad de Tecnologías Ambientales del Centro Tecnológico AIMEN.


Proyecto Life-INTEXT: Tecnologías Innovadoras Híbridas INTensivas-EXTensivas para la recuperación de recursos de las aguas residuales en pequeñas poblaciones (Download).


Dr. Raúl Muñoz

Profesor del departamento de Ingeniería Química y Tecnología del Medio Ambiente de la Universidad de Valladolid.

Tecnologías innovadoras para valorización de biogás (Download).


Sra. Mª José Tárrega

Jefa de proceso de la EDAR Quart-Benàger, Global Omnium.

LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0: producción de energía verde en EDAR (Download).
Dra. Marta Izquierdo

Profesora del departamento de Ingeniería Química de la Universitat de València.

Recuperación de metano disuelto de efluentes anaerobios mediante contactores de membrana (proyecto RECH4) (Download).
Dr. Francisco Bosch

Responsable Unidad de Tecnologías Químicas del Centro Tecnológico AIDIMME.

Desarrollo de una metodología sostenible y eficiente para la eliminación de contaminantes emergentes en EDARs – Life EMPORE (Download).
Dr. Joan Garcia

Profesor del departamento de Ingeniería Civil y Ambiental de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.


Soluciones basadas en microalgas para el tratamiento de aguas residuales y generación de bioproductos (Download).
Dr. Juan Manuel Garrido

Profesor del departamento de Ingeniería Química de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

Análisis integrado del desarrollo de resistencia a antibióticos y biotransformación de microcontaminantes en plantas de tratamiento de aguas residuales, proyecto ANTARES (Download)

Project’s final video


Conferencia final

From LIFE BACTIWATER we invite you to the final conference that will be held virtually on December 1st.

Definitive program! Check it out! Recovery of resources and generation of bioproducts, recovery of biogas, emerging pollutants, microalgae … and the experience of the public administration in R&D& i. On December 1st, online and free!

We wait for you! Free registration (limited capacity) at the following link: Registration

Radio interview

The COPE radio station in its program Mediodia COPE MÁS Valencia interviewed on 22nd October the researcher Feliu Sempere regarding the Life Bactiwater project (Podcast).

Newsletter September

Released our second newsletter, which can be downloaded from the documents section of our webpage (Link).

Attendance to Water Pollution 2020 Conference

Our researcher Ángela Baeza made an oral presentation in the 15th International Conference on Monitoring, Modelling and Management of Water Pollution held also virtually from 30 September to 1 October 2020 and organised by the Wessex Insitute and the Universitat Politècnica de València. The oral presentation was entitled “Microbiome analysis of the bacterial population in a bench-scale activated sludge reactor exposed to an artificial insecticide spill”.

LIFE BACTIWATER attends to IWA Nutrient Recovery & Removal Conference

Last 1-3 Septembere results of the Project were presented in the conference IWA NRR which was fully virtually organised due to COVID pandemic. We aknowledege the great efforts the organisers carried out to have such a successfull conference!

In the documents section the poster entitiled “Selected Consortium of Bacteria for the Bioaugmentation of Activated Sludge Treatment Exposed to a Nickel Spill” can be downloaded, also here.

Monitor visit

Last Friday 29th of June, the consortium had a virtual meeting with our monitor Borja Domínguez from NEEMO EEIG. We presented the progress and results of the project and explained how COVID-19 situation affected its progress. Thank you for your support!