Biopolis attends CPhi conference

Biopolis is present at the CPhi conference, the world’s largest pharmaceutical exhibition, where they are also presenting their participation in the Life Bactiwater project.

Efiaqua 2019

On October 1-3 the International Fair for Efficient Water Management was held in València (Efiaqua 2019). Global Omnium S.L. y Aguas de Valencia S.A participated very actively presenting their greener and environmental technological to achieve an efficient and sustainable water management. Research project were also disseminated. LIFE Bactiwater’s results were presented by Feliu Sempere in the panel related to Wastewater and Purification.

Estación depuradora de aguas residuales

Bactiwater in EFIAQUA fair

During the EFIAQUA Fair that was held on November 28-30, the BACTIWATER project was announced, a Notice Board was presented and the project leaflets were distributed.